Smoke travels much faster than fire and will usually kill before the actual fire does. In just a few seconds, it can fill a room.

The video below demonstrates this, and shows the importance of having a proper fire door that is fit for purpose with all fire and smoke seals, closed tightly against it’s frame… and fully shut, not propped open.

Fire Doors in Flats

Fire doors are critical in preventing the spread of fire and smoke. It is everyone’s responsibility in a block of flats or any shared property to make sure the fire doors are fit for purpose.

In relation to the national Fire Door Safety Week, the BWF Fire Door Alliance have put together 10 top tips for fire doors in blocks of flats, highlighting important fire door safety facts and tips relevant to landlords, managing agents and tenants.

These tips include – the importance of fire doors, who is responsible for inspecting and maintaining fire doors, basic checks to be carried out, and where you can report any issues.



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