Countdown to Christmas Day!








As we enter the final month of 2019, it’s almost time to enjoy the festivities and have a few days off work! Follow these steps and don’t worry about leaving your business unoccupied for a few days.

1. Install a CCTV System

Install a working CCTV system in your premises to capture any potential suspicious activity. Ideally, use a CCTV system that allows remote access. This gives you peace of mind when away from the premises as you can watch live and past video feed wherever you are.

Make sure your CCTV system is maintained by a third party accredited company with a 24/7 emergency call out facility (… like Logic!). This will ensure your system is working and if any issues do occur, an engineer can attend the property to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

2. Install a monitored Fire Alarm

Having a working fire alarm is crucial to protect your property in the case of a fire. Ensure your fire alarm system is maintained, and having monitoring will ease your mind further as when the alarm sounds, the monitoring station will be called and the fire brigade can attend automatically if there is a confirmed fire.

3. Install an Intruder Alarm

An intruder alarm will detect any activity in your building and sound an alarm when motion is detected. Your intruder alarm can also be connected to a monitoring station to notify set key holders when the alarm is activated.

4. Have an up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment

Having an up-to-date fire risk assessment completed by a third party accredited company will ensure any fire hazards are identified, meaning you can act on these findings and eliminate fire risks in your premises, reducing the likelihood of a fire in your premises.

5. Be Vigilant

Report any suspicious activity in the area as soon as you see it and inform other occupants of the building and surrounding area to do the same!



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