Using the correct Fire Detection

Data collected by the Home Office Incident Recording System [download excel document here] shows that 31% of the 231,122 false fire alarm activations in 2018 were due to good intent; for example, burning toast, overheating of an appliance, air conditioning, steam, BBQ or Bonfires. Fire alarms can be activated by cooking fumes, aerosols, steam, etc., it is important to ensure that the correct fire detection is used for the area it is located in.

Damage to manual call points

The false activation of a fire manual call point will create a false alarm, this can happen maliciously and accidentally; in order to minimise the rate of false activations due to this reason, call points should be appropriately located in an area they can’t easily be knocked/ damaged, and it may be worth using a transparent cover to protect against the accidental activation.


Smoking around detectors can cause false alarms, by having a dedicated smoking area that is clearly signed with appropriate cigarette disposal can help minimise the false alarms due to this reason. Placing ‘No Smoking’ signs in areas often affected by unauthorised smoking could also minimise the amount of false alarms.

22% of the false fire alarm activations were due to the fire detection system; this could be due to poor maintenance, system/ detection faults, damaging, unsuitable equipment etc.

Aging system and detection

The aging of systems should be monitored, as the older the equipment is, the more likely it could start to fail and become unreliable. Always take note of the manufacturers recommendations and replace detection when recommended.

Third-party accredited maintenance and servicing

The above statistic highlights the importance of using a third-party accredited company to maintain your fire alarm system; giving you the assurance that the servicing tests performed on your system are fully compliant and performed to the best standards, reducing false alarms.

You can be assured that your system will be fully compliant if you choose Logic Fire and Security Ltd as your maintenance provider, as we have the following third-party accreditation’s:

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